From the Masters | Monthly Series


Oh gosh! How long has it been since I have done a master's series post? We used to be a fairly active group –these actual photos and this blog post is from a draft in 2015! See how easy it is to get lost in your day to day? So much juggling! So much parenting!

This was a series influenced by Ernest Haas. Here is a link on his work is you would like to know more about him. ERNEST HAAS

Thinking back on this, I remember feeling, quite frankly, like a fraud. Maybe because of the stylized edits...maybe because I didn't shoot these in actual FILM.......and I just couldn't press the publish button on this one. Until now. Because I feel less like a fraud and more like a woman who is an artist. ALSO, more than half of these places don't even exist anymore. I have a whole series of places that are lost. I think I need to make a book called "A Los Angeles Swan Song" ...  xoxo