the neighborhood project

A challenge to walk around the neighborhood, take a few photos and NOT look at the photos as you take them? In Deb Schwedhelm's workshop Continuing The Journey the challenge is just that.  At first it sounded easy.... however, I realized I am so used to instantly checking my photographs to see if I "nailed it" that I really struggled to stay focused and relaxed.  The first four shots I took I had to throw out as I instantly look at them. #sodepressing

Then, slowly,  I eased into it. Sometimes I would get ready to shoot, then decide to wait another moment and breathe. They weren't all perfect, but some of the images I loved. Here is small collection of images I culled from the project below.  The last image window is actually an image gallery, so feel free to scroll through those images as well! 

This workshop has been life changing. I highly recommend not only following Deb's work, but tracking down when her next work shop is! 


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