mary ellen mark | bury my heart next to your soul


I think all my life, I have been influenced by the sounds that Mary Ellen Mark's work has made on my soul. They play a tune like no other. They are simultaneously soft and loud, inviting but disarming. Raw and intimate.

I think each of us in this group had such a difficult time replicating her vision --you just can't. And there was absolutely no way we could actually mount a project such as she did in such a short amount of time. But in revisiting her work, I realize how much the work I produce, or should I say my work within my work, is influenced by her.  When I think of photographers who deeply move me, I always think of Sally Mann. But it has been quite an awakening to go back over my own work, the images I am drawn too, looking at the dusty projects I have been sitting on, afraid to dive into and realize how sonorous Mary Ellne Mark's vision has been in my own life. 

Here are a smattering of photos that I took of a family I deeply care for.  I am not sure if they are exactly the song of Mary Ellen Mark, but I felt that it was, for now, the best that I could do. 


 this wonderful project will take you next to beautiful Lauren. Click HERE to see her magic and reflection on Mary Ellen Mark. xoxo

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